Come out and enjoy some classic rock from Burt the Dirt and the Heady Children of America on race day!

Stop by a Rotary meeting!

Stop by a Rotary meeting and meet race organizers! The Rotary Club of Rockville Meets Thursdays 12:15 at the Potomac Grill 1093 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Contact us http://rockvillerotary.org/


A big thanks to the 200 people who came out to our 2014 kickoff party yesterday! You made this a big success!

We raffled out $1,500 on last years prize money to 30 lucky winners to those in attendance. Hundreds of past years shirts along with other prizes were given away. A big thank you to the Boy Scouts for the popcorn, and to Bar Louie for the free appetizer cards they gave to all in attendance as well as hosting the event.

We also picked another 30 names of people who were registered last year to receive $50 in the mail from us so watch those mailboxes!

Over 500 people took advantage of our $20 registration yesterday so on the behalf of the city of Rockville and the Rockville Rotary Club we’d like to thank each and every one of you as well!

The race is under 4 months away and we hope to make the 29th Rockville Twilight Runfest the best yet!

Please stay tuned for more race updates!


Please go to the link below to register for this years race


Movie Basket Contest!

Greetings All!

To celebrate the addition of the Family Fitness Walk (approx. 2 miles, pending course distance verification), we’re giving away a Family Fun night movie pack. Like, share or comment on the this post on Facebook by 3/21 for a chance to win. More info here.

Link to Facebook post here here.


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The act of running, is a natural and relatively easy activity. The hardest part is getting the gumption to put on the running shoes. It takes courage, conviction and major motivation to get me out on the trails (true confession, I was very willing to go back to sleep instead of going on a training run this morning- I got up). Some days it seems pretty easy, but in May when it is only 40 degrees outside it is a challenge! So here are a few tricks on how to stick with the program.

Get a partner! If you don’t have someone to run with, it’s time to get friendly with another runner. Check out local running organizations or groups to find some folks to run with. I have had a lot of FANTASTIC running buddies, but I found that I work best running with one person- that way you must show up or the other person gets upset.

Set a shorter goal. For those days where the rain is pouring down and everything is going to pieces at work, make a deal with yourself. “I’m going to run for 10 minutes, if I still feel crummy, I can stop.” Most of the time once you are out there, you will do the whole run.

Bribery. I used to meet a friend of mine at donut place at 5am. It wasn’t open, but by the time we got back to our cars we could smell them. Then we would see them coming off the assembly line. It was not the healthiest method, but it sure was tasty once in a while!

Commit to the bigger goal. Remind yourself that you have race! Those nearly 5 miles in July are not so far away- so get out there and run!!!!!

Have fun out there!

Training for Life

Mathew Henson Trail

Mathew Henson Trail

We are lucky to be running. We are incredibly lucky to be running in Montgomery County Maryland! I bumped into three hundred runners this morning while our group went out for a Sunday morning training run (not a race, a training run). And while parking was not easy, the opportunity to see people of all ages, shapes and sizes meeting up to share a few miles was well worth the hassle.

I know this might come as a surprise, but this is unusual. Our local network of pavement pounders is huge relative to other parts of the country. We are such a large group of runners in this state that our local non-running organizations are recognizing the impact we have. The Twilighter is a perfect example. The Rockville Rotary club is a fantastic partner (I am slightly biased as my grandfather is a member of this club)with this event. The race is a lot of fun for the runners (not a whole lot of races are run at night!), a wonderful event for the Rotary club and for the city of Rockville (this is presumptuous, but the city certainly throws a fantastic party after the race).

And that is why we are lucky to be runners (just one of the many reasons of course). It is a sport that builds bridges between people, organizations and communities worldwide. We can make a difference by putting on our sneakers, so keep it up!